B & C Mortensen Wedding, Party and Display Props have been built with both durability and ease of set-up in mind. They are completely portable and require only a minimum of storage space. All have been manufactured in a hand-crafted traditional way using top quality renewable resources.


Our manufacturing plant is equipped to handle a variety of custom prop and display fabrications, in a wide range of finishes and colors. For one piece or a thousand, allow us to quote on your custom needs.

Unlike other materials used in prop manufacturing, wood:

  • is light weight
  • does not rust
  • is easily touched up
  • does not become permanently soiled or scratched
  • is sturdy and rigid
  • has the look, feel and warmth only wood can offer


All of our props are assembled under strict quality control and all structural joints are glued and screwed. They are then sprayed with a primer/sealer and finished-coated with a 100% acrylic semigloss white exterior paint.